David Mancil is an aspiring American musician who writes and plays his own music using keyboards/synths.  David has recorded music using the moniker of Manzil in which his own vocals are used.  He has also released instrumental music under his full name which covers such genres as Electronica and New Age. 

Manzil blends quirky lyrics and dark humor with pop music that's a mix of both modern and eighties touches. 

David's instrumental music ranges from minimalist pieces to more upbeat songs with catchy hooks and rhythms.

If you're in need of music for a project (work, college, video) he is available for hire.  Please see the Contact Page for his direct email address and for links to samples of his music.

Rob Johnson, accomplished guitar and bass player has contributed to various Manzil tracks. Rob has has a musically diverse background and has played in following bands:
  • Non Radio Friendly - Punk
  • Responsible Johnny - Punk
  • Bloodshot Iris - Southern Metal
  • Koppur Thief - Nu-Metal


Brian K Loftin, Indie pop artist and songwriter from Texas has co-written songs with Manzil and has covered Manzil songs.  Hear more of his music at:  https://www.youtube.com/user/BrianKLoftin/
Ella performs back up vocals for several songs on Manzil's Starseed album.